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  about me
    Well ...... where to start.

OK - I'm a mature teenage (59 going on 18) Kiwi (ie: New Zealand) motorcycling Grandfather.

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I live by myself in Whakatane, a small coastal town with glorious weather year round. My family, 3 adult children and their daughters, (4 BEAUTIFUL grand-daughters!) live in other parts of the country.

I will shortly be moving back to Wellington (from whence I came) and wonder whether I'm a little crazy to do this (more about this later).


My friends are crazy in various ways ( they and my family reciprocate this opinion!). A number of my friends combine with me to form a unique and exclusive motorcycle club: the highly esteemed "DSWMC" (check this out!)

My favourite woman is called Helen (Helen Honda) - she's getting a bit old and rattles around the house a bit.

I have several other young women who I regard as sort of "Surrogate daughters" rather than friends - although they certainly are friends as well.


I am interested in absolutely everything except bad music and cruelty.

My special interests include (not necessarily in this order):
- Music
- Reading
- Family
- Fishing
- Outdooors - beaches
- Travel
- and making Tripod pages with the new "Homepage Studio" - (they MADE me put that bit in!)
- and ... um - oh yeah! .. motorcycling (shoot! - nearly forgot that one!)