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About Us

...... in which members of the DSWMC try to explain what the club is all about.
"actually you're all somewhat insane, but
you keep up a good pretence!"  ...Ed)

Nobby Nuttridge reckons that the next time some "plonker" asks him   -   "why do you ride a motor bike?"     he's gonna reply:

He who hears not the music,
thinks the dancer mad

.... hey Paul  - that's really COOL (man)  -  would look good on the back of our T-shirts!           Sort of ...... um ... epitomises the ... er ... spirit of the DSWMC dunnit !!  (it does too!)

"Bryan -  oi !  Hoon!!!  -  are you awake mate?  -  can you sort of describe the "genesis" of this unique organisation (or "disorganisation") please. You may care to include something about the handbags (or not). Ta mate."

seeing as how Bryan isn't very forthcoming with his "intro" we'll stick up a couple of pics to embarrass him (I hope)

Bryan (about 18) and his Mum on the Suzuki 350 .... (note the buit in "ear decoration")
...then he graduated to this Suzuki "Titan" 500!!  .... ....woohoooo!!

"Ladies and Gentlemen  -  Bryan (Hoon) McKee!"  (spontaneous and deafening applause burtsts forth!)
but no sign of Hoon McKee ........  (I think he's piked out ....Ed.)

OK  then  ....   here's Bryan, who is now (as at 11 April) President of the Club doing some running (or in this case kneeling) repairs on Betty Bonneville at Rotorua on a recent Club excursion.
.... um Bryan mate.  This was before the "fencing wire muffler attachment" modification wasn't it?

"now who let THEM in???
blimey!  you just never know who'll come blundering in if you leave the door open ay!!"