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Official club meeting at Brass Monkey Cafe, Wellington, after early evening (after work) ride. Small but elite representative group.
(They made me say "elite".  Ed.)
Left to right:
Isobel (Ding Dong ... well, what did you expect?)
Jo (Applecrumble);
(Flash) Ange
Neal (Moocher)
Lindsay (Linz)
Ken (Erstwhile)
Bryan (Hoon)
Veronica (The Beautiful) must've taken the photo

    Club members enjoying a repast and bonding while on a club outing. Venue is "The Black Stump" at a small town called Pahiatua.  Ride was over the Rimutaka ranges to an area called the Wairarapa.  Lovely roads and great NZ weather!!  
(Steve, did you take this one too?
You're never in the picture mate!)      

Foundation (outgoing) President Ken handing over the White Handbag  "Presidential Badge of Office" to Veronica (The Beautiful) ....we'll tell you about this handbag stuff ( !! ?? )   ......  we can tell you're just DYING to know!

  and here's Gladys, our Club Mechanic   -   wot's that strange object she's supporting? Oh gosh ..... look Mum! It's one of 'em Hanley Darlingtons.  Looks a bit tired though, don't you think?   
( I mean the BIKE! ...... you fool! )

Steve (His Lordship) rode up from Masterton to Whakatane
(how far is that Steve?) to visit Ken. ......(Steve taking the photo) .......  brilliant little cafe on the Whakatane wharf ... sat in the sunshine and had a couple of beers and a bowl of wedges with sour cream   (man!  motorcycling can be SUCH a trial!)
Steve's pristine Triumph Sprint, and Ken propping himself up on the old Honda 750K.

..... and here's an example of our membership Certificate (neat ay!!). This true collector's item is awarded following a humiliating public initiation ritual.

Ken (is that REALLY you?) on his Triumph "21" 350
.... and his 1954 BSA Gold Flash  -  wot he used to own when he was little.      (oh dear .... those were the days huh?)

..... and here's Ken's date
waiting impatiently for him:
PhotoFinish Image Document        
                                                  ..and just what are you
two doing out (un)dressed like that?  -  get home at once; you'll catch your death of cold with no crash-helmets on!
( oh I don't know ..... this younger generation .... tch, tch!)

.....but we really LOVE this one! ........  Police bike in wet concrete outside the "Old Bailey" Court in London.  Apparently nobody  could help  ..... all too weak with laughter!!

..... and here's Flash Ange robing up, after the meeting at the Brass Monkey Cafe.
("hey Ange  -  who's the dude in the cool gear?")

Rotorua trip January 2000

petrol (and revert to riding own bikes) stop at Murupara in the heart of Tuhoe country, Bay of Plenty.
stopped for a breather
at the dam on the road up through Galatea to Whakatane.
Nick understands Bryan's Bonny!!

Paul and Vicki at speed
on a Honda Valkyrie at a Manfield "open day" recently.

... and Paul being a bikie!!  ... slightly younger then Paul??
hey!  -  wot happens when you lean over mate?
              oh sorry ... forgot  .....  trainer wheels ay!
..and Nobby's friend  -
go on  -  PLEASE ask him
about this  - PLEASE!!!