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International Affairs

Immediate past President to lead
NZ Police contingent to East Timor

Linz has gone to lead the next elite group of NZ Police Officers to east Timor.  He'll be away for 6 months and is apparently having a bit of trouble finding suitably salubrious accommodation.  Don't forget to wear the shirt mate!!

Mike (Rocker) Naughton - "The Return of the Rocker"

Yes folks  -  Rocker's back to Kiwi Land!!  Come back from his Pommie homeland, and is installing himself at Masterton again.
The DSWMC will no doubt take Mike's return as another excuse for a celebratory ride and ritual imbibing.
One or two decent public establishments in Masterton   -  Horseshoe Tavern makes their own brew  -  and a good drop it is too.
Seeya soon Mike!

Flash (Jetsetter extraordinaire) Ange Hong Kong bound

... and our other famous international jet-setting recruiter Flash Ange is about to hurtle off to Hong Kong where no doubt she will inform our oriental neighbours about the wonders of the DSWMC - NZ.  Flash has changed her bike since this pic  -  now rides a beeeeautiful yellow GSXF. (wooweeee !!)
(gonna start a Hong Kong Chapter while you're over there Flash? .... .....Ed.)

DSWMC International membership expands!

A "spokes" person (get it? - "spokes" person? ... Ed.) for the well-known (and highly esteemed) DSW Motorcycle Club of New Zealand announced today a further development in the Club's move into the international membership arena.

"We 'av gorn an' gort anuva new international memba" he said cryptically;  "Yeah mate" (he continued) - "we been an' recroot .... recuite .... um ... got one of 'em 'Suvern Bells' or sumfink to join va club mate".  
He paused for a moment to let the full implications of this devastating statement sink in (but it didn't, it just floated on the top like the froth on my beer  -  except it was a sort of dirty green colour  -  we tried all sorts of things to get it to sink in, but it just wouldn't  -  just floated) and then he continued:  
"Yeah mate, an' she's gonna flaunt one of our t-shirts an' display our logo prominently mate!  - PROMINENTLY MATE"  (he paused again, this time to lean against the bar and wipe drops of sweat off his forehead)
"Cor mate!"  he managed to groan  "makes me eyes water mate, jus' finkin' abart it!"
        ......... so ... er ....that's it really.
..... um .... when's dinner Mum?

..... meet Joy  -  sole member of the North Carolina Chapter of the DSW Motorcycle Club, New Zealand.
("did you get them "stems" fixed Joy?" ... Ed.)

You can spend more time (if you're a REAL masochist) trying to understand the workings of Joy's mind at:
Joy's Site

STOP PRESS:  Joy's just got herself a Kawasaki 450 to replace the Honda Rebel shown in the pic above!
(nice paint job too)
(but Joy, it's so CLEAN ! .... Ed.)