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1,000 years ahead

This Site is certified Y3K compliant

If you look really closely you can see Steve lurking in the left margin of the picture.
("Hey, Steve  -  where was this photo taken?  um ... can't quite place it  ..... what? ... Taihape?  -  oh yeah OK   -   I recognise it now   -  ta mate.")
to the
DSW Motorcycle Club

"Hi there friend.  Park your bike where we can keep an eye on it and come on in   -   grab a chair and we'll have a bit of a yarn."

"So where are you from then?      Have you come far today?
OK  -  just be assured you're very welcome to stay as long as you like."

Everyone is welcome here whether you're a biker, driver, walker, rider, flyer, runner, just-standing-in-one-place-and-not-moving-er, or a whatever-er.

(Readers please note: All of the above is non-gender-specific; that is to say, all-gender-inclusive, or to put it another way ...... um ..... uh .. never mind. Ed.)

In the next few pages you may discover what we're about. .......  if you DO happen to discover this, would you mind please telling us?  Thanks ever so!

Our  "raison d'etre"  is a decidedly ephemeral concept  (blimey! ... whatever that means) ........  um ...... let me think about this for a mo' would you? Ta.

(hey Mum!   Mum!!   -  can you just hold this hammer for a mo' please?  Ta.)